The Zone Diet Plan

Zone Diet follows a formula of 40% carbs , 30% protein and 30% fats


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The Zone Diet Plan

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Zone Diet resource provides meal plan, recipes and tips on Zone Diet weight loss program

Zone diet is the latest nutrition strategy that promises to improve  health, weight and athletic performance with correct ratio of carbohydrate to protein to fat intake. The  basis for Zone Diet  follows a formula of 40% carbs , 30% protein and 30% fats created by Barry Sears PhD. According to Dr Sears, this dietary regimen results in a greater delivery of oxygen to the working muscles, a condition known as "The Zone", where athletes perform better, mental focus is enhanced, and life is generally a better place.

The concept of Zone diet is that food should be treated like a prescription drug that is designed to promote the desired hormonal response (insulin, glucagon, and eicosanoids). The goal of zone dieting is to eat the correct balance of carbohydrates and protein so that glucagon is produced instead of insulin, because glucagon promotes the formation of "good" eicosanoids while insulin promotes the formation of "bad" eicosanoids that cause all sorts of diseases. To enter The Zone, one must consume foods in a protein-to-carbohydrate ratio of 0.75 at every meal and without allowing more than 5 hours between meals.

Zone Diet Plan

Zone Diet brings the old eating habits of the past into the present.  One hundred years ago, people ate lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and little carbohydrates and protein.  People of that era ate meals in moderation, rather than eating until they felt stuffed and miserable.  With Zone Diet, you learn to go back to the old ways of eating the right foods in moderation. This healthy approach to eating is what that allows normal hormonal balance to be achieved. 

In addition to experiencing weight loss, following Zone Diet will provide you with other benefits that include:

  • Clearer mind and better concentration due to stable blood sugar levels

  • Better performance due to increased oxygen levels in the muscle cells

  • Healthier appearance due to a reduction in body fat

  • Happier and less hungry due to the brain having a constant supply of fuel

You will start to experience the above benefits within on to two weeks of being on Zone Diet

Within 48 hours on Zone Diet, you should notice an increase in energy level, better focus, and a happier disposition. You may find that urination has increased, which is perfectly normal.  This is the body’s natural process for eliminating excess sodium and water.  Within the first two weeks on Zone Diet you may drop 5 and even 10 pounds, the loss will slow down to a rate of 1 to 2 pounds each week.  This degree of weight loss is safe and the way that pounds will stay off as opposed to other diets where you may drop excessive pounds quickly, only to gain it all back and more, once off the diet.  After six weeks on Zone Diet, your cholesterol levels, specifically the HDL levels, will be dramatically improved.


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